Left Out in The Cold...

Cries of doing more for those children left to be raised by our city's poor & corrupt foster care system continue to fall on deaf ears. Once these wards of the state as their referred to turn the legal age of 18, they are allowed to leave the system on their own or opt to stay until they turn 21 and then their put out into this cruel & cold world with nothing...literally!

As parents who help their children start off on the right foot into adulthood, shouldn't the state be held responsible to ensure these individuals have access to jobs, a shelter & maybe some start up cash? In most cases these children become wards of the state when there's no one else willing to take care of them. So since the state picked up that responsibility, maybe there should be some kind of aid for those who turn 18 without a place to go, job, or anything to their name at least to ensure they do not become a ward of the state again but this time through our judicial system. Housing options are available to these youths. However, they have to be found eligible, smh.

Do you think the state is right in releasing these new found adults into an unfamiliar charter without any form of guidance or that the state has done their share & its now time for these individuals to fend for themselves?

Miss Dior!

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Philly's Andrea said...

I am a foster parent but only to my two nieces and nephew, ages 11, 7, and 2. I feel that taking in these children i vowed to help them get on the right track. I think it's my responsibility, no, my duty to make sure that when they turn 18 they every means of resources that they need to survive in the world.