Enter ...

4 interesting event filled lives, 4 strong personalities, 4 opinionated minds and 4 the love of everything FABulous. 4 women that united and created 1 beautiful friendship. Although different, these women are 1 in the same.

These women share their daily struggles with love, life, careers and for some, single-motherhood with each other. Giving each other advice, support, strength and the love needed to get through all the madness life throws their way. Rather than tear each other down, they lift each other up with words of encouragement and faith in God building that foundation of sisterly love that not only makes their friendship strong but themselves as individuals.

Realizing that their lives can be very entertaining combined with their very in-your-face animated personalities and straight talk advice they give to each other, they have decided to share this with others.

Enter the lives of 4 FABulous, Quixotic, Vibrant, Strong, and No Holds Barred Women Who Enjoy Mind Stimulating Conversation. They have decided to come together to share their feelings, opinions and thoughts with you in the hopes that you will benefit from their friendship just as much as they do.

4 the love of God, 4 the love of Life and 4 the love of FAB...Welcome to the blogs of FAB4.

**names of the members of this blog have been changed to maintain confidentiality**

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André C. Coley said...

I know who you are already, because I know my girls...lol.