Ahhhhh....Frankie literally leaves us all speechless!!!


Internet Dating

Sooooooooooooooo….I was MIA for a minute but now I’M BACK! Lord have its mercy...I have some old things that ended and some new things that have begun! However, we are just going to ease into it because I need to get my thoughts and story together in writing first before I give it to ya. I must say I have missed all you crazy readers. Now let’s just start with a simple question.

We humans depend on technology and computers for errrrrrrrthang, even finding love. So when all hope is lost offline, some people go online. Giving into the hype and curiosity of internet dating, completely ignoring the fact that 90% of the people are pedophiles, scammers, ex-cons, liars... you name it…it’s out there in cyber space. Do you think that a person can find REAL love with someone they met over the internet? Do you think people who use this alternative method of dating are losers or desperate?



And The Saga Continues....

Soooo as I grabbed this morning's AM newspaper, I noticed the cover is yet again plastered with Chris & Rihanna. Now there are rumors the two are recording a duet & of course, the world is mad. Oprah is begging Rihanna to leave Chris, people who aren't even familiar with the situation or the individuals are stating how she's not taking any one's advice, just a pure mess. Why are we so mad she's not listening to anyone?? This non-sense does not involve the world!! If these two individuals feel they want to work pass this as a couple, let them do what they want. It has no bearing on us, the economy, nothing. My personal feelings on this whole madness....She is crazy for going back...If that was something she really wanted, maybe a break would've been the first step & some couples counseling. What people need to understand is the choice is HERS at the end of the day and we should just respect that.

What do you guys think about this whole situation? Should they work it out? Is the media making this worst than what it is? Share your views with us!!!

Miss Dior ;)


Pure Madness!!!!

I've always felt the religious values outlined for Islamic women were absolutely ridiculous. This article definitely confirms the foolishness dictated by Islamic men as to what a woman can and can not do. How dumb is this??? 75 years of age & this is the punishment you deem fit for an elderly woman asking for assistance, SMGDH!!!

Let me know your thoughts after reading this nonsense.


Miss Dior ;)