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First, we would like to apologize for the lack of writing....2009 has been a great year for us fabulous ladies and with that blessing, came a hectic schedule both professionally and personally. However, we are BIZZZACK to provide you guys with the lovely stories, discussion, random ish you've grown to love!!! Please accept our apologies for we TRULY love all you guys and have missed everyone terribly.

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i only cheated because...

...you weren't around.
I loathe cliche topics and although this falls under the cliche umbrella, something happened to a friend that I really didn't expect and that triggered this topic.
I want to know from the guys, why do you think women cheat... And I believe every female has cheated before, so I want the ladies to tell me what makes them cheat or why they cheated in the past.

Feel free to post anonymously if you are currently cheating and plan to tell me why and don't want your mate to accidentally read this - lol.

I firmly believe that women cheat for emotional reasons - most of the time we lack something in our current relationship and end up seeking it elsewhere. Men on the other hand cheat to soothe their ego or their dicks. It's almost some like men have this innate characteristic that requires them to cheat... lol, whatever.


rita hayworth said...

“We are all tied to our destiny and there is no way we can liberate ourselves.”

What do you think?


What's Your Most Memorable...

Valentines Day????

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