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"When A Scorned Woman Heals"

This is a Repost of an email I received from my boy Esquire. This is definitely a great read and I felt it should be shared with our blog fam!!


She looks in the mirror at beauty
She don't just give up the booty
She is more than a woman

She's a queen
She's the backbone to her race
She does everything with grace

When a scorned woman heals
She is not the skin she's in
It doesn't matter if she's plump or thin
She let's her assets shine (Skill)

She's a mother, friend, sister, or
Lover with no problem with strings
She's not caught up with little things

When a scorned woman heals
She let's her Diva status show
She is a showstopper
Turning away all the bed hoppers

She's smart and strong
She's too fierce for any man's arm
She's the power couple all on her own

When a scorned woman heals
She begins with a kneel
She worships her god
She holds her faith
Knowing the man in the black race is becoming extinct

She's let real love in
She's not judging your sin
She's loving you genuine
Pay close attention to see if your scorned woman has healed

Miss Dior!!


The Man Who Has Always Been There

As I get older, I increasingly reflect on my life. I reflect on the past, the present, the people, the good, the bad and the ugly. I reflect on the changes I have made in my life and within myself. I reflect on all the struggles I have been through and continue to go through. I often find myself so amazed of the strength I posses. So many times I have been able to pull myself out of such crazy situations while being able to maintain my sanity. As Donnie McClurkin sang, "We fall down but we get up." This is so true. I have turned my negatives into something positive instead of letting them completely breakdown my soul. Now, everyday I walk with an "S" on my chest. That "S" does not only stand for Superwoman but it stands for "Strength".

Now almost 30, I have realized that the source of all my strength and superpowers come from the one person what had always had my back. It comes from the man who has always loved me unconditionally and carried me on his back when I fell down. He was there when I cried. He was there celebrating with me during the best times of my life. I'm not perfect and I have done things in my life that he wasn't too happy about. Fortunately, his love for me has no boundaries . He just continued to love and guide me. He was there even when I felt he wasn't. Sometimes I felt like I was talking to myself because I thought he wasn't listening...just like a man, right..hahaha. He has been the only man that has NEVER done me wrong. All the wrong I thought he did to me, turned out to be right for me.

I have built a closer relationship with this man. It took a very long time for me to really recognized and feel his presence in my life. There will never be the right words or enough words to express my gratitude to him.

So I will simply say, "Thank You God", for always being by my side. If you're walking everyday of your life with an "S" on your chest...just simply comment on this blog with two words.."Thank You"



Sooo...I was cleaning out some old files in my computer and I came across a poem I wrote a few years back while I was in this messed up relationship with a guy. Basically, long story short, he had a house in Yonkers. He let his best friend (a woman) and her son stay at his house because she didn't have a place to go.

Well, me being the understanding female I was, told him that I understood why he felt obligated to letting her stay because she was there for him when he was locked up and held him down financially during some really rough times. They knew each other for a very long time and he didn't want his friend out in the street with her son. His house was a 3 bedroom. So she had her own room, her son had his and my boyfriend had his. All fine and dandy.

The problems started when he would never invite me over to his house. I didn't understand why there was an issue of me coming over if there was nothing going on between them. I even told him I would like to meet her and her son. Maybe we could even all chill one day because I had a child around the same age as her son. He wasn't having it but swore on everything he loved that there was nothing going on in the house. I JUST WASN'T BUYING IT! I had only been to his house a total of 2 times during our relationship. The 1st time, she had not moved in yet. The 2nd time, I popped up unannounced (I made sure I wrote his address down on the low the first time) but the girl wasn't home.

Eventually, later on he admitted that they use to engage in sex when they first met. She may feel uncomfortable with me coming over to the house because she still harbored feeling for him and he didn't want to be around the tension that she would create if she saw me. However, he threw me another curve ball when he told me that his house was also her house. Her name was on the papers because she helped him buy the house.

Sooooooooooooooooooo..yeah...that's a brief history behind the poem. Just thought I share because it brought back memories.


Why is it always the next bitch?
Whether it be ex-girlfriend or friend

Why is it always the next bitch?
That seems to make my man someone who I cannot depend

Why is it always the next bitch?
The reason why I stay alone waiting

Why is it always the next bitch?
That always seems to need my man while I sit at home contemplating

Why is it always the next bitch?
That forces me to be the bigger woman and just try to understand
Understand why I can’t come around
He’s afraid that she will look me up and down

Why should I be so understanding?
When it seems like the next bitch is number 1, 2 and sometimes 3 who always comes before me …causing my feelings to be less of a priority

Why should I understand?
When your story I’m not buying

The trust between us is clearly only one-sided
Leaving our love at risk because I think your lying

There’s something more to this story you’re not telling
It’s okay baby because you will see

That these bitches that you keep putting before me
Will be the reason for the breakdown of every existence of me...
In your life

Fellas, don’t let that next bitch, whether ex-girlfriend or friend, blind you from what the NEXT nigga WILL see

That the FIRST, NEXT and LAST Bitch in his life should and will always be ME.



your second self...

alter-ego: latin for "the other I". a second personality or persona within a person. a person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life.

Tupac had one. Beyonce has one.

There are times when it sneaks up and scares the shit outta you, but then there are other times when you totally change into it - consciously.

It may bring out the best in you - or the bad and freaky side.

It can help you in some cases and hurt you in others.

Have you met your alter-ego? If so, did you name it?

What is it you do when you're being your second self...?

Something to think about right? I know.



This may seem funny to some, but this is real.

I want to take the time out to remember my lashes.

They were put to rest in 2007 while on a vacation in Vegas. I never even got a chance to experience them, due to malfunctions beyond my control.

Only Indie, Miss Dior and Maia remember what happened, how it happened and most importantly - why it will NEVER happen again.

I have finally moved on!

"me lose my touch... never that..."

anyone see Notorious? Love or Loathe?


Can You Think Outside the Box?

Harvey Bernard Milk was not only a gay rights activist, but he was the first OPENLY GAY man to be elected to office in California. Mr. Milk was a member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors for only eleven months due to his untimely death November 27, 1978. In the upcoming movie, Sean Penn depicts Milk and has received rave reviews for his role.

One evening I had a mini debate with my brother in regards to voting for a canidate who happens to be openly gay. He feels the world isn't ready for a gay official. However, I feel this option is definitely something which could happen in the near future and I would definitely vote for a canidate regardless of their sexual orientation as long as their qualified to handle such a position. We may not be ready now, but we could be ready sooner than later.

Would a canidates (i.e. presidential, congress, government, state or local) sexual orientation hinder your voting decision??

Miss Dior


exit only?

Hey people... Hope everyone's New Year was as splendid as mine. No, I didn't party hard and wake up naked and drunk, I spent it with the some of the most important people in my life.

I wanted to post a topic on women and cheating, but coincidentally it seems as if that's the current topic of our surrounding blogamilies (blog+familes), so I'll save that for a later date. RTRW strives to stand out, not to blend in.

Anywho, in the past, I had a near death experience while attempting to have anal sex. Now many people are totally opposed to this and deem their asshole as an "Exit Only" place... But there are others who love it. I'm not gonna get too detailed, as this is not Anal Sex 101, but they say you cum more from anal than vaginal sex and it's just a different feeling altogether.


What is it for you? Love it or loathe it? And for the those who do love it and/or are successful at it, please provide some insight.

Whatever your preference is, just be sure to wrap it up ... we have an STD open-forum type post coming soon. You'd be surprised how many people are a bit uneducated (with regards to familiarity) when it comes to STD's.

This topic might be too raunchy for some, should that be the case, please go to the upper right hand corner of this window & click on that 'x'...
Feel free to post anonymously!



"Flashback....Can You Guess The Year"

Ok so while getting ready for work this morning....I'm running through the house trying to dress & apply make-up at the same time...Thank god I'm great at multi-tasking, LOL...Anyway, as I'm applying my eyeliner, I hear this playing on my favorite morning channel, VH1 Soul "Isssssssss Thisss The Endddddddddddd"....Ralph Tresvant's face was sooooo mesmerzing back in the days. I instantly stop what I'm doing & run to the livingroom to watch the video in full, SMH @ me but ask me if I cared....HELL NO!!! I'm now searching iTunes to download this sucker onto my iPod, LOL.

Who can guess the correct year this oldie but goodie came out?? ;)

Miss Dior!!


What are you AFRAID of???

It's Sunday night, and i'm sitting in my living room watching "Nostradamus:2012" and i am not exactly sure why i am reflecting on fears or why exactly this topic was one i seeked to write about. I'm indecisive about the reasons behind this but it prompted me to ask myself the question "What am i afraid of?".....

I sat for moments wondering and asking myself over and over again, coming up with answers that i laughed away cause it seem so ridiculous when it finally slapped me with a force that made tears brim in my eyes.

I AM AFRAID OF FAILING...................
I AM AFRAID OF ME........................

Wow! What are you afaid of??

**MAIA Note Well**


FALLING...The sounds of your heart

If you haven’t been keeping up with my true life experience with my first journey down road of FALLING, click HERE for FALLING.

Click HERE for FALLING…The Morning After. You have to stay up-to-date with this one. Will I get my heart broken? Will Mr. Man get over his fears and eventually give me his heart. If I can’t tell Mr. Man how I feel, then I have to tell you.

I always watch you undress before you get into the shower. I'm

mesmerized by you. I analyze every inch of your body while wishing
I could tell you how I really feel. It gets harder and harder to
keep up this front as if I don't strongly feel for you. I continue
to act as if I'm not FALLING for your mental,your physical, your
heart, your soul...your flaws and all.

I've never truly fell. With all these new and unfamiliar emotions I
experience when I'm with you, my heart gets more and more anxious.
I watch you walk away from the bedroom to the kitchen in all your
manliness and ask God “Please just let it be...let it be...him".
Tears begin to well up in my eyes because my heart fills with so
much emotion as I type this. When you’re FALLING and you’re trying
to fight it, it’s like stress on your heart. It’s like a burden on
your soul that will get heavier as you keep your feelings a secret.

Mr. Man, for you to know what I truly feel, I fear that I will never
see you again due to your own fears of FALLING. I drift off into my
own thoughts of you. I think just as much about you when I'm in your
presence than when I'm not.

Damn...You just spotted me in a trance...completely paralyzed by my
own thoughts of you. "What?” you ask me. I snap out of the trance at
the sound of your voice and "Huh", is all I can respond with. We
settle into bed for the night to begin another work week the next
day. You put in a movie for us to fall asleep to. I'm so tired. I
already know I won't last another 30 minutes being awake.

I lay my head on your chest and I feel your heart beating. I adjust
my head on your chest to not only feel the beating of your heart but
to hear it. My head and ear are now perfectly aligned. It’s the
sweetest sound that I have ever heard before closing my eyes. I
peacefully drift off to the soothing music of your heart.

Your Flaws & All…Breathe In...Breathe Out...Inhale...Exhale...

as I drift into sleep...



Say Hello to '09...

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here's a toast from us to you!

Be safe and prosperous!