Nappy Girl?

Let's step outside our fictional/non-fictional posts for now and try to have an open-forum discussion. I didn't post a pic that correlates with this one because I didn't really wanna search for a "nappy" girl photo ... so use either your imaginations or experiences, just as you did for our other stories.

When you’re watching television, or passing by an ad in the street, what do you see when you see a black woman? Is she ecstatic? Is her neck twisting? Is she unkempt/overweight? What about her hair? Does it look like you can run a comb through it once without struggle? Why is it that the media promotes us more on the negative side of the spectrum than the positive? When I watch a regular Colgate commercial, I see a white woman who can probably try out for ANTM. Or they’re running through fields of purple flowers, hair flowing in the wind, falling into the arms of a man who is happily awaiting them at the other end of the field.

When they cast black women in some commercials, they’re in the kitchen, with 2 mulatto kids, no father present, complaining about something. And if there is a father around, he has this look of discomfort on his face, or probably has an attitude too. In other commericals, she’s at least 20 pounds overweight, short, with a fro-like hairstyle. You’re either unaware of her body type or it’s evident that she is slightly overweight. She has hair that you can't come through, nor is it past the shoulders. Why are we perceived as if we’re just a bunch of cantankerous, sometimes overweight, unbearable people to deal with? Why is that when we’re showing joy, it has to be expressed grandiloquently? So if we’re not parading around with a 'tude, we’re being loud and abhorrent. Why can’t we be conditioned to see all different types of black women embracing different styles of clothing, hair and body types? I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of nice looking black women trying out for commercials so why are the unattractive ones, stuck in this stereotypical Afrocentric look, being chosen?

Now, I’m not saying this is in every commercial I see where a black woman is present, but this occurs quite often. I’m not sure the reason for it, or how to change it. But I do know that they need to wake up because times have changed. We’re all not nappy anymore. We can afford to keep our hair looking right. We’re all not frumpy anymore. We just have big butts and breasts (naturally!). We’re more in the office, being the backbone of a business and less in the kitchen in front the stove. We all don’t twist our necks when we’re voicing our opinion nor are we walking around with a scowl on our face. And last, we are not always at war with our men.

So if you’re a black female or another race reading this, feel free to agree/disagree with me by letting me know how YOU feel about the way black women are projected in the media (if you even noticed it at all).


PS - Toy Story [3] coming soon.



Letter from "The Bitch Who Will"

Dear Miss,

I ain't never had a problem keeping my man happy, or yours either. You see, I'm the one your lover's sneaking out to see in the middle of the night, hell, sometimes even in the middle of the day. He can never get enough of this pussy, so wet and tight. I hate to toot my horn, but the ass is all that. I can tell by the way he swims in it. Often times he drowns, but that's the part that keeps him coming back. He wants to break me, make me wifey material, but I'm not made to be broken. I break pockets; I break hearts, and then along come the happy homes. 'Why,' you ask. Aside from the good sex, I do it because it's easy.

You sit at home nagging your man, slackin, being shy and timid. You don't do this, you won't do that. I know this because he tells me. Well let me introduce myself. I'm! That bitch that will. You've heard of me. I'm the one your mama warned you about. The best friend all in your business, the co-worker getting a little too friendly on the job, and I've seen you in action. You've done everything in your power to push that man away-blowing up his cell, accusing him of things he's never done, of being with people he's never met. Well congratulations! Funny thing is... he ACTUALLY loved you. And I say that in past tense because now I got him.

When he's hanging out with the boys, I got him. When he's pulling the late night shift, I got him. Shit, even when he's running to the store for a drink, you better believe I'm right there....enticing him. He was reluctant at first, but it didn't take long. I found out what you were doing and did the exact opposite. Thanks for the tips! He was putty in my hands. Now I don't know if it was the way I spread my ass cheeks in public places for him to penetrate my deepest desire, or the way that I dropped to my knees and took his nine inch dick to the back of my throat afterwards that did it, but whatever it was, it worked. Hmmmm...Maybe it was my lunch break special. That's the One where I would have him fuck me crazy while yelling out your name to catch a quick nut. Oh that's my favorite! But I don't wanna be you, as a matter of fact I scream out 'I'm not that bitch' in response to it so he remembers. Call me a freak, but the shit turns me on. Sort of like when I'm riding his face. Seeing my cum glistening across the lips that you kiss while he tongue fucks me, is a sight I wish you could see. Who knows, you might just come across the video. I still have the one where he's running his tongue up and down my little sensitive ass right before he fingers the hell out of it. I still can't believe he got four in. Ha ha, that was a good one.

But the point is, you may look at me as a nasty dirty two faced whore, but your man thinks differently. He respects me for giving him space. I don't hound him about where he's been. The truth be told, I don't care. As long as he delivers what I want how I want, we stay in good standings. If he's giving up dough for it, even better. But I've never considered myself a full fledged gold digger. I've never asked him for shit. As a matter of fact, I don't expect a damn thing from him, but he'll make sure my needs are taken care of before yours.

Why do you think that is Miss? Because I'm sexy? Maybe, because I don't question him, possibly. But if I had to choose, I'd have to say it's because I throw that inhibited bullshit out the window and work his ass out in that bedroom. Now for you, this message is too little too late, but you can help others. He's not the first. Did you think he'd be the last? I'm always on the prowl. Neglected men aren't hard to find. Now you have first hand experience to let them all know. Advise them to get on their job or a chick like me will gladly fill that part time position.

Your greatest threat,
The Bitch Who Will

[Take heed women, SHE is out there, waiting, lurking, watching, waiting for you to slip...don't make it easy for her, don't give your man away foolishly because of stupid hang ups. This may be harsh and some women will disagree with this but SHE is VERY REAL. And some of us may agree at one point or the other, we became "The Bitch Who Will"...]

**Maia Note Well**

Question from a Reader - Does All Truth Really Come to Light ?

Here's a question that was submitted to our inbox from someone who wants to know what people think. Since we have some opinionated readers, I figured I'd let you all answer.

*Please note that this question is not verbatim - it has been edited [just a bit] to help viewers better understand. In other words, this was not so legible. People, please proofread or spellcheck your work prior to submitting anything to fab4life.blog@gmail.com, thanks.*

Here goes:

You know the saying "All truth comes to light" right? Do you think it's true? Or are there some things that never make it to light? I'm seeing this dude and I care about him, but there's somethings I just can't tell him about shit that happened in the past. I'm sure he's keeping shit away from me too, and it's cool, but I don't wanna be with him and 4 years from now, something comes to light that fucks my shit up, ya digg? So, does shit come to light eventually? Should I tell him? We been together for like 5 months and I know he's the one.

Who does she think I am? God? LMAO! No offense Miss Anonymous ... just trying to keep the humor.
So people? If you got something REAL to say ... TALK.


Toy Story [2]

*click here to read Toy Story [1] if you have not done so already*


This Page Cannot Be Displayed". Fuck! Blogger's site is down, but I need to kill time until He gets back to me. If I don't do something, I'll go crazy or better yet she'll go crazy.

I grab my Blackberry to check for a response from Him, but instead all I see is an annoying little clock on the lower left side of his BBM face ... Great. The waiting game has begun.

Maybe I should start editing that children's book I'm working on [
yes, kudos to me].
Never mind that! It's 1:09 in the morning, not the afternoon, I could care less 'bout some damn children's book right now! I decide to go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of Riesling. I need something soothing right now.

1:19am. The phone goes off.

"Yes! He responded!" Elated, I grab my Blackberry, type in my 5-character password and go straight to the BBM icon. I scroll to his name while walking to my room, only to see that he has read my BBM but not responded. "Fuckin' jerk", I muttered under my breath. "What the hell did I do now! I haaaaate being ignored!". I throw my Blackberry on my bed and retreat back to the kitchen to get my glass of Riesling, then I suddenly remembered my phone did vibrate. "Who the hell was that?" I wondered.

As I turn the lights off and head back to my room, I stop near the Linen Closet pondering if I should give Toy another chance. I quickly dismiss that idea and head back inside.

1:33am. I throw myself on my bed and decide if I should just play with myself and call it a night, then I hear my phone go off again. I reluctantly grab it, knowing it isn't Him, unlock it, and see that I have 2 unread text messages. One of the messages, from an old "friend" named Selena, read:

"Hey Karrie, I was in the area, wanted to know if I could stop by and "play" catch up, lol ... I miss you, hit me back".

To Be Continued.


FALLING...The Morning After

Diggin on you - TLC

November 16th, a bright, cool and crisp Sunday morning after the night we first made love, not sex. Having already gotten out the bed earlier that morning to make a bowl of cereal for my child, I was not fully asleep but dozed back off.

I awoke for the second time as I felt you get out of the bed.
I remain under the covers reminiscing of our love making the night before. Wondering if you felt the same connection and emotions I experienced.

My thoughts of us are based on just “wondering" because we both refuse to share and communicate what we feel for each other at this moment in time. The mixed feelings of fear, what-if’s, uncertainties, confusion, happiness, hesitation, & influences of our past experiences hold us hostage, acting as duct tape over our mouths to prevent us from spilling our feelings to one another. So for now...I wonder... make little assumptions, with the hopes that one day you will feel comfortable enough to let me know what you feel about us....about me. Hoping that I will be able to tell you "NOW....that I'm falling" ...THEN...God willingly...I’ve fell...LASTLY.... I'm In Love with you...Baby, I Love You.

November 16th, a bright, cool and crisp Sunday morning, I lay in bed watching TV, while you’re in the kitchen making tea. My child is watching Sunday cartoons. Since when did tea take so long to make? Do I hear scraping noises on a pan, as if someone is cooking? Maybe Mr. Man is just washing dishes. I'm too lazy right now to get up to see what the hell he is doing in the kitchen. I will just lay here patiently waiting for my hot tea he is preparing for me.

"Are you going to get out the bed?” Mr. Man ask. I get out from under the warm comforter and head to the kitchen area. My ears were not deceiving me after all. He made more than tea. To my pleasant surprise...he made breakfast. Scrambled eggs....whole wheat bread....slices of cheese...a hot cup of tea. I smile, instantly turned on by the breakfast he prepared. Yeah...it was just a pan of scrambled eggs he made. Nope...he didn't even toast the bread but its the simple things in life that that hold the most value to me. What made it all the more special is that he doesn’t like to cook... does not cook...but he did and we ate our Sunday breakfast together. Thanking him with a kiss after we eat, I head back to the bedroom already planning in my mind what to cook for Sunday dinner. Meatloaf?...nahhhh. Lasagna?....too much damn work that I'm not up for today. Stew chicken, cabbage, rice & black eyed peas...PERFECT! Don’t forget the Sunday dessert Indie,”reminds my internal mini-me.

Mr. Man plays video games with my child for a very short time before he leaves for work. A short goodbye kisses he gives me as I sit on the couch. He opens the apartment door. Our eyes meet as he slowly closes the door upon his exit. Now our eyes lock. He then gives me something that he gave me the first day we met.... that beautiful big smile.

He's gone.

November 16th, a bright, cool and crisp Sunday morning...the morning after...

Breathe In...Breathe Out...Inhale...Exhale...open my eyes & realize...I'm FALLING.


"Forbidden Love"

Who would’ve thought 10yrs ago today that we would be in this very place. As I watch you sleep, I remember the day we first met & thought, " Ahhhhh shit... he’s a fucking cutie but way to cocky for me." Surprisingly, we instantly hit it off as friends, never inseparable, always together, days off were spent on the phone, always there with a helping hand, & then again that smile….Damn, how you always get me with that smile!!!

Then, I lost one of my dearest friends. I always wondered how the hell we managed to lose touch with one another. I can barely place a face with a name but your name was the one I could and would never forget. Now, 10 years later we lay wrapped up in each other’s arms. Damn, who would’ve thought, me and you, on this level?? At first I chucked this up to being just a fantasy filled. However, slowly I came to grips with the fact that this is way beyond the feeling of lust, more within the lines of love. I dream of the soft kisses you place on my forehead while we sleep, the way you softly caress my back & the way you softly whisper in my ear," Mami... I miss you." Damn, just the thought of your soft hands caressing my back, the way you playful trace the roundness of my ass, the kisses you place between my thighs, as you prepare to enter my soft, wet……..Ughhhhh just thinking of it makes my body quiver.

Don't know how long this will last for, but I'm loving every moment of it!! The hours @ work spent day dreaming of you, hearing songs on the radio reminding me of our time together, anxiously awaiting your calls.......Wait, who's this calling??? Hey babe, I'm missing you........

Stay tuned

Miss Dior!!


The Fierce Ms. Cole

Ok so this by far has to be THE best Keyshia Cole album cover I have seen thus far & I'm completely in love with the fierceness of it all!!! She has definitely come a long way since "I've Changed My Mind" and I can only see it getting better. This cd has definitely been added to my X-mas wish list. I didn't think I would be able to add another true diva to my list after Miss MJB but Miss Cole has definitely proven herself worthy of such a comparison!!!

Kudos to Keyshia for proving that throughout all her struggles, she can continue to shine like the star she is!!

Sincerely yours....Miss Dior!

Miss Diors Response to "Fall Back" Commentary

Ahhh where do I start...Ok @ the end of the day, were all going to have different views on the topic of relationships...This definitely won't be the only issue I'll blog about but its something I’ll throw in every now & then due to my loveeeeee of people's responses. So please keep them coming!!! Also, people let's please remember majority of these blogs are GENERAL statements. Some issues will be based on experience but not everything we post is based on our lives.

Now let me first say to Anonymous #1, you have pointed out some excellent points in your response!! However, is it safe to say your totally okay with your significant other giving up everything they were doing prior to you for the sake of your relationship? So now their life is to completely revolve around yours?? Now please don’t get me wrong on this matter because yes I do think sacrifices are to be made by both parties but I do not think everything should be given up either. I would think a man would be comfortable knowing their woman can not only take care of home first, but also knows how to maintain a full life of their own as well. Please explain to me why you feel “I believe if you're in a situation where you feel like "you cant breath without the person" its impossible for "your normal life to remain AS IS." I find it very possible maintaining an “AS IS” life while also maintaining a relationship. Your significant other shouldn't expect you to alter your life once they step into your world.

Anonymous #2, communication is definitely key in any relationship but smothering is NOT!!! Now if your cool with your loved one up your ass all the time, well hey to each its own but I think a relationship would function 1000% better if each person was able to continue doing their normal routine plus maintaining a personal relationship. If your boo has to be hitched up underneath you 24/7, then there seems to be some severe insecurities issues within your relationship that should be looked into & honey, that blame gets placed ON YOU!! What kind of relationship do you have when your day consist of knowing your boo’s every move, thought, bathroom break, hair salon appt……I mean I could go on but I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. Its not about throwing yourself into a bad situation, its about knowing when to give the relationship a little breathing space.

Devotedly Yours....Miss Dior!


Scenario: “De cold...my body crashing babes"..."I cannot allow you to come out in de rain, taking a cab to come watch me sleep” and “Sometimes it scares me not wanting to fall too deep too fast especially...”

Why can’t you appreciate the fact that I care and let things flow without nullifyng 'us' before 'us' can even be formed??? Is it so much to ask…or should I be like another 'leech' out there who don’t care for your feelings and could care less why you were sick in bed or offer to come over. The initiative wasn’t yours nor was the choice. I wanted to do something for you that I believed would have made it easier for you to endure especially after a conversation that had you sounding like you were near death. Never mind that it’s rainy and my only port of transportation would be a pricy cab but I’m willing to make that $$ sacrifice to make sure you’re ok. I should have switched to a stand off tone of 'ok' and 'don't give a damn' attitude…hmpf! (needed to rant a little so excuse me). This scene will close with a faded attitude of disinterest that will eventually entail distance. I can almost taste the end…so definitive yet utterly poignant!
(trailed off again, oops!)

Now I’m trying to understand why he's so afraid to fall, for a Good Girl, reasonably that there are few left out there, but when there is one in your life and you know it, why cant you just thank your lucky stars and give some prayers to the heavenly father. Don’t get me wrong, my definition of a good girl may vary from others.

Good Girl – Freak (I use freak cause that is what these exceptions are and is by no way meant to offend anyone, if you are then deal with it or don't continue reading) who knows what her life is about and what she needs and how hard it is to work for it, will be the ‘ride or die’ chick for the man who really deserves it, she’ll strut with professionalism, yet boldly play that little black dress and prowl like a vixen who cannot be tamed. She is the freak in bed you won’t ever leave because she has it like that and will do what is needed to please her equal never losing her self-worth and status of her life at the same time. She’s exceptional but ordinary, stubborn but pacifying, nurturing but selfish, faithful yet cautious, good yet bad all wrapped up in one complete package. (this description can be amended at any time due to other points…just keeping it brief for now)

I know SOME women don’t exude these qualities no matter how hard they try and MOST men refuse to accept that there may be a few women out there who are like my description of a Good Girl due to the bad experiences of some ‘bitches’ (and I use the term bitches because I don’t know their names personally…thanks Katt Williams for pointing it out that way) who are always after the power suit (men with money or position or status or just a reputation who can support the lifestyle they crave to have or maintain what they barely can) which makes it extremely hard for the next ‘bitch’ who really may have her ‘own’ and just looking for the individual to match her and not pay for her.

This is the life I guess where choices are most significant and that affects the most.

**Maia Note Well**


Two Girls ... One Man.

What is a man to do in a situation like this?

Let me take this time out and introduce myself. You can call me M & M. No, not because I melt in females mouth 99 percent of the time (yea not everyone is perfect - so I did take 1 percent out) but I do supply all the nuts in one package. I may, every now and then, make an appearance on

I have a fucking dilemma here and I do need your advice. Now u can be raw and uncut with the response. As I said I have nuts and can take the truth well. This situation may seem familiar, as I know men go through this shit all the time.

First Shorty:
Been with one shorty for a few years now. At the beginning, everything
was cool. Sex, food, sex, sleep, sex, and did I mention more sex. What the fuck more can a nigga ask for in a situation like that. Feed me, fuck me and let me sleep and I don't complain at all. Don't get me wrong, we do all that other relationship shit too. I'll say about for the past year now, the sex has decreased, me sleeping is becoming a major issue and at time food turns out to be an argument at time on what we should eat. Shits annoying at times. Everything little thing is an issue.

Second Shorty:
Every man's dream girl. Cooks, cleans, fucks the shit outta of you, doesn't hesitate to suck a dick and when I say suck a dick, she tries to suck ya balls out ya dick like a straw. Just thinking about that shit is making me stand at attention. Yea I know it's probably just lust there but I actually dismiss that theory. If I do chill with this female, it's not about sex all the time. She asks questions like: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Down to earth, not materialistic about things. Shit I don't have to get a haircut for weeks and this female does not complain about u fucking up my appearance when u go out like that.

Problem is, I'm not a type of person to hurt anyone feelings but when I do talk to friends about my situation, they almost always say do not sacrifice ya happiness for someone just because you don't want to hurt them..

Oh ... did I mention I was engaged to the first shorty?

What do you think I should do? Let me know!

M & M


im so into you - Tamia

Friday morning, my alarm goes of @ 6:00am but my eyes don't open until 6:15am to see him sleeping peacefully next to me. Now smiling at my imaginations of waking up to Mr. Man everyday, I snap out
of my imagination to thank God for another day, a career, a beautiful family and great friends.

By 6:30am my child is getting ready for school and Mr. Man is getting ready to head to work. "Lord...I love when he's around", says my inner thoughts. Saying he brings a sense of
completeness in my life would be giving him way to much credit because I'm very secure with myself. I was complete before him and I will be after, with great hopes there will not be an after him.
However, he is a wonderful addition to my life and a blessing.

Not even caring that we didn't have sex the night before, being that it has been a week since we have been physical, just the fact that he was there holding me tight as we peacefully fell asleep
together the night before was enough, waking up to him was even better. As I get ready for work, I see him through the mirror. I turn to acknowledge him as he approaches me.
Now we are face-to-face. My heart starts racing. My emotions go into full throttle overdrive. My stomach starts to knot, then tingle...fuck...I feel nausea. He leans in and begins to kiss me.
Slow and soft... the kisses go from short to long but with a non-stop rhythm. So in
synch we become. The kiss felt like it could last forever and I didn't care at all. Unfortunately, nothing is forever
and the kiss ends.

He gives my child a big hug as he heads out the door. I smile at the thoughts of how my little one truly adores him and happily returns his morning hug. Still fantasizing about our morning kiss, I take
deep breaths before my heart leaps out my chest. I escort him to the door wishing he didn't have to leave and already missing him. Slowly I close the door after his exit.

Breathe in...Breathe out...Inhale...Exhale...I close my eyes & realize...I'm Falling.

Stay Tuned



Toy Story...

Looking at my digital Brookstone alarm clock ... it's about 12:07am. I'm under my Ralph Lauren comforter thinking of something to blog about on RTRW. Writer's block sucks.

Just got out a nice hot shower. Exhausted. Hungry. But fuck all that ... I'm horny as hell.

He's not around and won't be for another day or two and Toy is somewhere in the Linen Closet, chillin'... Or maybe even hiding. Smh.

What's a girl to do...?

Usually when He isn't around, Toy usually holds me down. Toy isn't as good, but he does the job ... Sometimes. Toy does what the fuck I want, when the fuck I want, how the fuck I want. As much as I love to take demands, Toy doesn't give me any. Which works for our kinda relationship.

Him on the other hand, does the job ALL the time.

12:26am now. I realize that I need to think much faster - either about an interesting blog topic or a way to pacify my throbbing clit.

Damnit. RTRW can wait. Besides, I wrote earlier today.

Now back to the matter at hand. Should I wait? Or should I give Toy a shout?

I decide to make a mad dash for Toy ...hoping he doesn't see me before I see him and hide himself Between The Sheets [love that song]. I go in the Linen Closet and look on my stop shelf. Nothing. Now I'm looking under my sheets, over the towels ... NOTHING.

Grrrr... Ain't this a B! I can't find Toy. And I don't want any other toy BUT Toy [yes I'm spoiled! so the fuck what?]. Why would he be hiding? I don't use him
that much.

12:41am. Ugh!

Think Karrie, think... I grab my BB Curve, type in my password, scroll over to my BBM icon ... scroll down to His name. I type "Hey, do you think you can swing by for a lil, we need to talk". [This always works]. Then hit send.

As I await the response that may or may not cool this heat from rising beneath me, I pull out my laptop, open up Firefox, type in blogger.com and start brainstorming.

To Be Continued.


"Torn between two......Mr. Swagger Vs. Mr. Lover, Lover"

"LOL, LOL….My girlfriend may hate me when she see's this but I thought this conversation was too good not to share. You see, she's totally TORN between two dudes and isn't sure which road to take. Let me give you the rundown before I tell you what I felt she should do.

Stacha has been seeing this dude for a little over a year . It was definitely a no strings attached type of relationship both were totally cool with because they knew when it was THEIR time together, it was all about them & everyone & everything did not matter @ the time. Their time together was always fun, he always manages to keep a smile on her face, whatever she wanted he made sure she had it……Did I fail to mention the SEX GAME was off the hook??????? Mind blowing sex to the point she literally woke up with a smile the next morning and dreaded the fact she had to go into work the next morning but one last quickie before he had to go in made all of that go away real quick, LOL. However, Stacha meets Mr. Swagger as she refers to him (Don't ask, hahahahaha) and as a few months of dating time passes, she realizes he has lots of potential of becoming her Mr. Right & totally forgets about Mr. Lover, Lover!!! Now here's the thing, Mr. Lover, Lover isn't pressed about anything or even feels offended but the reduction of the phone calls & missed dates because it was known from jump both parties are doing them but starts to wonder WTF happened to MY PRETTY GIRL??? Stacha feels like she should give Mr. Swagger an opportunity to see how far they can go butttttttttttttttttttt she doesn't want to totally give up on her Mr. Lover, Lover either. Two months have passed since their last phone call & guess who's ringing off her phone today……Yes you've guessed Mr. Lover Man but this time Stacha is considering giving in to her bad girl ways & setting up some time for her lover man.

My advice to Stacha was, if you feel you have a better chance in establishing the relationship your actually looking for with Mr. Swagger and your basically getting the same things from him that Mr. Lover, Lover can offer on a level your looking for, let go of Mr. Lover, Lover & move forward with Swagger Man!!! Even though she has a great time with Lover Man, she knows its only a temporary fix and not what she truly wants for her future.

Do you guys feel since she's not Mr. Swagger's OFFICIAL GIRL, should she continue what she has with Lover Man or put her focus on trying to establish that relationship she's been yearning for with Swagger Man??

Devotedly Yours.......Miss Dior!

KarrieB's Responses to Commentary on PCDs

*click here to read the PCD entry if you have not done so already*

Before I start... Let me make it clear that the women of RTRW are not Male Bashing Bitches (MBBs)... We LOVE Men ... Especially OURS... We also just love to entertain and have open dialougue about ANY given topic ... Hence the birth of RTRW.

Dear Anonymous,
You make a great point. My "LOL's" do throw him off a bit. Resulting in him thinking he still has a chance, right? Mixed signals though? Don't think so. Don't men have pride? Like if I have yet to say "OK, let's fuck..." Why are you stll asking? Like for the sake of your ego alone, wouldn't you stop asking? Don't men have theeee biggest egos?

Second, I never referenced the frequency of the communications. Trust, every few months definitely doesn't constitute PCD status.

And NO damnit ... I'm soooo not over my nigga! LOL! And I don't move backwards! (Well not anymore at least)... Fuck that!
And let's not get it fucked up ... There's some DCB's (I'm sure you've guessed - dick chasing bitches) out there too ... Probably more DCBs than PCDs.....lol.

Indie Baby - You too make a great point here... But to cut him off completely? I mean, I do consider him a homeboy and although he's a bit persistent with that, our conversations usually encompass more than just that (his girl problems, his career, and regular shit). I just wrote that part out since it was relevant to our topic. He's also been there for me (no, not sexually) when I was going through something. I think what I'm trying to say here is I see the potential, matter fact, we do have a pretty decent friendship. He just decides to try his luck every now and then I guess in hopes of getting it again (typical nigga)... Maybe I just need to blatantly say it like "HOMIE .... CHILLOUT ... WE AINT FUCKIN EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN!!!" Because you're right. Men can't read between the lines ... Some are so narrow minded ... So sad...lmao.

THANKS BOO... See ? This is what we do ... Help eachother out.

Thanks for the commentary people... Until next time ... KarrieB.


Pussy Chasin' Dudes [PCDs]

Don't they just piss you the HELL off? Especially in a time when your pussy need not be chased?

Trust me, I know how you feel.

My question is: At what point does the PCD realize he isn't getting the anticipated ... uhhh, no, wrong word. He isn't getting the [insert word here (I can't figure it out right now, lol)] pussy and may never EVER get it again. Yes, people. You've dated this PCD before. And guess what? When you were diggin' him ... you sure ain't think he was a PCD. But now, the tables have turned and he is salivating on something that was once semi his.

Here's a perfectly annoying conversation.

*names have not been disclosed to maintain the confidentiality of this person as well as his pride*

Him: :(
KB: What's wrong?
Him: I'm in Jury Duty and you take way too long to respond to me!
KB: Ughhh ... I hate Jury Duty! (totally ignoring the latter part of his response)
Him: So what's up? When can we play house like we used to ...
Him: What's so funny?
KB: You! Wanting to play house ... haha
Him: So has it really been over a year since we last had sex?
KB: Shit, yeah it has. Damn time flies.
Him: Well he must be keeping you happy.... ;)
KB: LOL ... I'd have to agree with that.
Him: Is he better than me? (the infamous question)
KB: Brb
Him: K
Him: :(
KB: Wtf is wrong with you now?! Lol
Him: You didn't come back soon enough. So when can I see you?
KB: Idk ... I mean we can get drinks or something soon. Doesn't matter.
Him: Ok, I can bring a bottle of whatever you like over ... ;)
KB: LOL, I was thinking more like a Bar... you're so damn fresh.

2 hours later

Him: So .... ? What do you say?
KB: About?
Him: OMG, lol
KB: No, seriously ... about what?
Him: Me, you ... drinks, your place?
KB: Ohhhh ... that.
KB: Nooooo. We can hit up a pub or something.
Him: Ok cool. I guess I gotta settle for public love huh? Well I appreciate your friendship so whatever we do is fine. We can talk about who you're boo'd up with...lol. I'm happy you're happy though, that's what matters.
KB: Blah, blah, blah ... lol!

Ok, so the conversation continued for a while but that was the bulk of the annoying part. See how many attempts were made?

Back to my original question -- at what point do the PCDs realize it's over for them ...?


One Thing you can count on ....

... is the absolute truth [the whole truth and nothing but the truth]! There will be so much brutal honesty that I have chosen to remain anonymous with this blog. So for my well being, my anonymity will enable me to not to have my apartment set on fire, get my ass kicked by some jealous bitches, or have my life ultimately ruined because I wrote about something or someone here, lmao. Anything is bound to happen or be said and funny things happen when people run head on into truth. So YES, this gives me the opportunity to say WTF I want!!! Don't get it fhuked up, I’m not exactly famous, like everybody in New York City lol, but I’m far from non discript either.

That said, you can count on good storytelling and getting your voyeuristic cravings off while watching the life of someone you just might know unfold right before your eyes in live and unscripted color. I promise to keep you entertained!!


Role Playing "I Wanna Be Your Official Girl"‏

High divorce rates, infidelity in marriages, dishonest relationships, jump off's, the jump off's jump off..., lack of and/or no commitment, commitment issues, men on the DL (down low)...Lord my head is spinning...Ok...and I'm back...WHEW!

Will it ever be the way it use to be? When marriages lasted for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years with unconditional love, faithfulness, and pure dedication. While still in my twenties, I have experienced my share of the whole dating scene, as a young person should. Let's just say I'm so OVER IT! At this point I'd rather be by my damn self. I have experienced my share of long term committed relationships too. My thought on that is I still hold hopes of finding that special someone to settle down with but I'm a much wiser woman than I use to be and I always PROCEED WITH CAUTION!....literally.

The thing is, you may have already found that person you’re "destined" (and I use that term loosely) to be with and not even realize it. Unfortunately, with so much fuckery (please refer to the above terms in the first paragraph), sealing the deal of commitment seems to be the difficult part these days. The word "commitment" seems to have people running scared like a leather belt on a wet ass. This brings me to the topic I call Role Playing. Noooo... I'm not talking about in the bedroom. That's another topic for another day you dirty little freak. I'm talking about in the world of dating and relationships.

Role Playing- when a two people act the parts of being in a real relationship but there’s no official commitment.

I know it’s almost 2009 and females are pimping just as much as the men now but I will be going with the majority right now. In most cases, it is usually the female who plays the "girlfriend" role to a man. She is faithful and truly dedicated to this one man. Acting as his ride or die chick but technically HE AIN'T YOUR MAN HONEY! I personally feel these situations rarely end on a happy note. Someone, whether man or woman, eventually gets their feelings hurt.

There are different types of role playing:
Take 1: A female is dating a guy who treats her just as she wants to be treated. He does all the right things, says all the right things and sex is off meters, making it all the more complex. Not something that she even wants to entertain because he is all she wants, she knows that he would never speak to her again if he ever found out she had sex with or was talking to someone else. So now she begins to dedicate herself to him as if they were in a relationship. However, the two parties never had that "TALK" of whether they were officially a couple. She doesn't know if he's fucking other woman when they're not together. So time goes by and she continues to patiently play the "girlfriend" role.

BUT WAIT...the phone calls from him decrease and eventually stop or he just says "This is not working out. I don't want do this anymore". Why? Simply put, he came across a different female who caught his interest, leaving the other girl feelings hurt because she never saw it coming.
Take 2: A female is dating a guy and she is playing the "girlfriend" role at a risk of her feelings getting hurt because she is aware of the fact that he's not committed to her. She knows he sees other women but he don't want her seeing other men. She stills decides to play the "faithful woman" role in his life and just accept his non-commitment to her. So she intentionally puts her feelings out there waiting and hoping that he will commit to her one day and competing against all the other scaly wags he claiming as his "woman". That day may never come after 1, 2, 3, 4 or how ever many years.
So she all fucked up and heartbroken because she chose to play that position and never got that commitment from him. Now she's standing on the hood of very nice car armed with a crowbar under the influence of alcohol and Jasmine Sullivan's "I Bust The Windows Out Ya Car" is playing in her head on repeat....smfh (shaking my fucking head)...hahahahahaha.
On the other hand, some females have no problem playing that "girlfriend" position while still keeping all options open. Some have their plan B, C and sometimes D, E, F G on the side. Some men have no problem with that with a few rules and regulations, of course. You got yours boos and I got mine but don't entertain your other boo's while we spending our time together. Other men will be like, "No, I'm not committed to but you can't be and better not be fucking or dealing with any other man but me. If you are, I can't fuck with you." Some women are okay with that and some are not. The women who are not going for that retreat back to the days when they were kids and resort to playing in their bowl of Alphabet Soup... B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I... Ok, Try not to go too far up the alphabet though, it just gets plan nasty after a certain point and please KEEP THEM HOES IN CHECK!...HAAA...joking.
Straight Talk: Ladies and Gents do what makes you happy and always what's best for you. Every situation is different. If you role play, how you do it and for how long solely depends on several factors. It depends on the type of person you are, how much patience you have, if that guy/girl is really worth it and if it’s something that you feel you will eventually benefit from. It depends on how hopeful you are to find love, it depends on how far you will go and how much shit you are willing to take for the love of that other person, if any. It depends if that man or female is willing to risk their feelings in such ways and play a position they didn't officially land and is still just a candidate. It can go several ways. Just be careful, assess the situation periodically so you can be aware if this guy or girl is really trying to play you for an idiot. If so, he or she needs to get the DUCES and in some cases a good dutty cussing.
Please leave me your thoughts. The good, the bad and even the dirty ones. I'll take them all.


"Too Much of Anything is Not Good....Know When to Fall Back"

I'm sure we've all experienced or even been the main player in the game I like to call "Can I Breathe Without You", LOL don't ask....Women (& some men due to the fact that I've encountered some who play this game better than we do) tend to throw themselves into their relationships without ever coming up for air. I totally get how good it feels to have that someone who makes your world that much brighter, but you also have to be able to "Fall Back" and put your energy into something else not related to your love interest!!

Ladies, is it really hard to maintain your normal activities while having a male in your life???? When you notice your girls nights have become little to nonexistent, those weekend alone shopping trips have now become a team effort & those waiting to exhale, thank god I'm alone days after a hard day work are no more...You've just lost the game!!! We have to learn that once we've found that special someone, our normal life is to remain "AS IS" & that person is just to be added into our regularly scheduled program!! If you sit back & look hard into the relationship, you'll notice your mate has fit you in to their normal regimen without even thinking twice of altering it...So ladies, let's work on not allowing ourselves to become consumed with our relationships and let's focus on learning “How to Fall Back” ;)

Ciao for now!!

Devotedly Yours...."Miss Dior"!


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